In this article I’m going to go through what I and other people think about Obama.

Well as you can see I don’t really like Obama, however it appears that around 52% of the nation would disagree with me on that. Let me list the reasons I think that Obama got voted in.

Reasons Obama is Prez-to-be:

Uneducated Voters:

I’m talking about the people out there that just gobble down all the information the media spits out. The media is liberally biased so the uneducated, generally poorer people,  just take what they say as the truth and follow them blindly.  This section also goes for the people with HUGE misconceptions of what the president can and will do. A lot like this women here who believes that she won’t have to pay her mortgage or gas bill anymore(


That’s right, I said the “R” word. I believe that one of the main reasons that Obama won was because of his race. He got 96% of the african-american vote! When other ethnicities like caucasians are going almost 50-50 you know something else is going on. He also got 67% of the latino vote. Now this is somewhat reasonable however if you look how much McCain helped with illegal immigration, border defence, and other immigration laws you’d have seen that he had done a lot more for the latino population.


There it is, the “B” word. This is one of the biggest reasons that Obama was elected. It’s because Bush is a republican and since many people are upset with him they didn’t want to vote in another Republican.

A Catchy Slogan:

“Change you can believe in.” How many of us have heard that slogan before? What does it even mean? Apparently Obama is going to change things. How? The president doesn’t have the power to fix everything. Even if he could change things all by himself, couldn’t change be bad? That’s right, listen up kool-aid drinkers. CHANGE CAN BE BAD! Well I’ve said it, let’s see what happens.

Reasons to NOT like Obama:

Shady Connections:

1. Tony Rezko
2. Rev. Jeremiah Wright
3. Bill Ayers
4. Rashid Khalidi
5. Nadhmi Auchi
6. Louis Farrakhan
7. Father Pfleger
8. Emil Jones
9. Rod Blagojevich
10. Todd Stroger

On this list there are crazy preachers, proven terrorist, suspected terrorist, and communist supporters. His own cousin (who he’s been in contact with) lives in Africa by the name of Raila Odinga. He is an anti-european, anti-chistian, terrorist. He’s burned down homes of Christians and leads a militant group that is very similar to all the other terrorist groups in the Middle East. Now just because he’s been in with “bad” people doesn’t mean that Obama is bad. However,  the chances are that he knew what some of these people were up too and decided to stay in contact with them anyway.

Lack of Experience:

He’s been in the Senate for only 4 years and he’s running for president. I don’t know about you, but I want someone that will know a little more about the political world.

Political Idealogy:

I just plain don’t agree with his views and don’t think that a lot of his ideas will work. Some of his ideas that he says will help certain things will really make them worse. This was shown in the “Average Joe” incident.

He’s the Lead Sheep:

In other words he’s the sheep that if he walks off a cliff the rest will run right after him. He’s got too many blind followers which I think is dangerous. He’s “brainwashed” them with propoganda and has them doing whatever he wants them to do. This video could explain how this happened…(

I could go on and on about this issue but the points I wanted to make have been made so that’s all I’ll write down right now.


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