Fox News: Hannity

Hannity by himself does not uphold Fox News “Fair and Balanced” Slogan.

I would like to thank my friend Judel who is linked on this site under the name Liberty and gave me the idea to talk about this. So you realize the gravity of that statement, let me say, I am a big fan of Hannity and Fox news. However, without Colmes, the “Hannity” segment is not fair and balanced. Although, I have to say it probably wasn’t fair before, as Hannity had much more power on the segment. Now though, there is nothing to cover up their bias. As of now Fox news is naked.

What should they do?

Well they have 2 choices in my mind.


They bring another liberal on the show to take Colmes place. This will “even it out” and make their slogan “somewhat” true.


They somehow exclude there “slogan” from this segment. They finally admit that they are conservatively biased and get on with their lives.


Either way, Fox news will still stay conservatively biased. One way though they can at least hide under the illusion that they aren’t. I think doing so is somewhat insulting. There biased, the other media is biased, they need to get off there high chair and realize that overall they’re not much better. Just get on with their lives and stop lying.


3 Responses to “Fox News: Hannity”

  1. crackofdawnjr Says:

    No, you misunderstand my position. I believe that since there’s no proof for it, that it’s not real. I don’t “know” so I say it doesn’t exist.

  2. Joe Says:

    Can you change the link to Musings of Joe in the sidebar to : ? Thanks.

  3. Roy Latham Says:

    The “Fair and Balanced” slogan refers to the news reporting, not the editorializing. It’s like a newspaper that has opinions on the editorial page but does fair reporting of the news stories. During the presidential campaign, MSNBC ran stories on McCain that were well over 70% negative, will their coverage of Obama was less than 20% negative. Fox was fairly balanced 40/40. The New York Times published those 50 front page news stories claiming Abu Ghraib would be proved to be official policy, but there was never evidence. Had they made those claims on the editorial page, it would have been no problem. But claiming their opinion to be fact was gross bias. The news on fox is fair and balanced.

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