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GodSands and DATCMOTO

March 20, 2009

For those of you which go to DDO you will definitely know the names of GodSands and DATCMOTO. You will also know that they are extreme Christian evangelists. In this article I will write my own opinions about them and what they mean to the DDO community.


GodSands is a 19 year old male who lives in the United Kingdom. His name was meant to be “GodStands” but he left out the “t” so he just stuck with it. He is most known for his avid defense of and comprehensive knowledge of Christianity. Unfortunately this is combined with a complete lack of understanding of many basic Scientific principles and a lack of spelling and grammar skills. He doesn’t believe in evolution and also happens to be a follower of the notorious Kent Hovind.His “debates” normally turn into him insulting his opponent and bashing the person over the head about the opponent’s “hereticital” beliefs. He is known for being very close-minded and rude to his fellow members. He tries to use Science and Logic to prove God’s existence but because of his poor understanding of both these subjects he often fails miserably. Now many people find it hard to believe that someone would be so devotely close to God and after being asked about this he told us his story:

was brought up by my mother. She became a Christian when I was about three, and from there I and my two other brothers went to church. I had faith God existed from as far as I can remember, but I did not understand Christianity.

We would prey at the table and before bed. My older brother, Ben was very bold and teterment. That at a age of six or seven he would stand up infront of 100 or more people and prey out loud. I would not, I did not have that currage he had. My younger brother Alex, would come to church but he did not understand anything, like most young chrildren. My two brothers are not longer Christian, Ben is now 20 and Alex is now 15.

Years later once I was old enough to go out and drink. I drank, and all the teaching of Christianity left me, I claimed still to be a Christian I said I was, on such webs sites like Bebo and Myspace. However I was not a Christian at all, I was a drunkared, I cursed, used God’s name in vanity, lusted etc… where as I would say I was a good person. I believed in evolution and the big bang. I never told any other person about my faith. I had no idea how valuable life is. I abused life, I was on the throne instead of Christ. I never really preyed at all. But within a time span of five to ten minutes my life flipped around utterly.

I was at my computer, same as now. I had been watching Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s street evangelism or open air preaching on Youtube. They told me in an easy way that if I do not repent I will pending for hell. I acknowledged that I was an corrupt and evil person, who was missing someting vital. I had also been watching Dr Kent Hovinds two and some times more long hour clips on why evolution is a shamble. For I have lost how long I watched these for, but it did not take long before I bursted into tears and nelt down on my knees, looking up as if I was looking at God. The most increadible feeling of joy and happyness entered into me. At that very point the believe of evolution and the big bang just was destroyed, I knew that evolution and the big bang never happened. As the Holy Spirit was in me, I simply said, “Where have I been God?” To go back to my old life would be worse than entering hell, I hated my old life. I thanked God and I was changed, God’s existence became clear and I knew it.

The next morning I ran to church, I was alittle late however when it was time for people to come up front, I stood and walked to the ulta. I spoke on evolution, in saying it never happened. Two other individuals thought otherwise. After the servise I cried all morning, and gave my life to Christ.

That same week I went out into town and evangelised to the public, I said, “People need to know, otherwise they will have eternal suffering in hell” I stamped my foot in frustration. At times I spoke to groups of ten people about my faith. My wants for money vanished and Jesus was my throne.

Eight months on I evangelise at college, to pupiles on a Wednesday and a Thursday, for three hours every week. I just recently spoken to a homeless man named Wane, I invited him to my church on any Sunday to get him saved. My life here forth will remain God’s, I own God everything. I need God and Jesus the Holy Spirit. And it is my job to help bring people to Christ, to know God personaily. Amen to God, my heavenly Father.

Yeah I decided to become a Christian because Jesus is and the only ever chance you will get. I say chance because you can become a Christian then fall away again. Maybe because you are going through a really difficult time in your life, you may deside to drink and forget about your strong faith you once had.

It would be wisdom packed to engage in the Love of Christ.” (


Now, truthfully, I don’t know a whole lot about DATCMOTO. He, like GodSands, is a follower of Kent Hovind and also an evangelist. He has a slightly better understanding of science and better spelling and grammar. He has the last post on almost every old religion forum and has gotten the reputation as a bit of a troll. In fact, some member has even made an account named PATCMOTO to ridicule the views of DATCMOTO.

The Crackdown

Now, I can’t honestly say much on DATCMOTO as I don’t know him well enough. However, I have had many a PM with GodSands and looked at many of his debates. GodSands can not concentrate on the debate subject and often goes off into “preaching mode”. He never refutes an opponent’s point but merely moves on and makes more of his own. He only has 3 debeate wins out of 28 and the three he has won I would not consider debates. He is totally against evolution and although he is often proven wrong on the forums he continues his rampage across many different threads. I believe his antics and that of DATCMOTO are hurting the Christian religion that if they truly want the non-Christians to turn to Christ they must let them find the way on their own.

I do give them both a tip of my hat for their persistence. They are hated by some, annoy many, and are a laughingstock to the rest. Yet, there they stand, facing this and not turning back. I admire there adversity and hope that they learn their art of evangelism better to help others instead of turning them away from Christ.


It’s Been Awhile

March 20, 2009

Hi everyboyd, that is, if anybody still reads my blog after my 2 month absence. I apologize for my lack of posting but I seemed to have gotten writer’s block. However, I’m back, and ready to blog once more. I should have some more subjects coming up very soon!