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Global Warming

April 16, 2009

I just finished reading a great book called “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming”. This book was truly fantastic and the information in the book is astounding. Now my stance on the issue is that Man-Made Global Warming is a lie. To illustrate why I view things as I do, I will go through the facts point by point.

Myth #1: Warming Like This Has Never Been Seen Before and Will be Devastating

Like many things, the climate goes through cycles. It has been much warmer than it is currently and in the past warming has been a good thing. During the Medieval Warm Period (which occurred right before the Little Ice Age) temperatures were much higher than they are currently and this rise in temperatures had a positive effect on society. Agriculture, inventions, and standard-of-living all rose during this period and this was a period of prosperity. In fact, it was so warm that there is proof on Greenland that the Vikings were able to grow crops. We had no fossil fuels being burnt back then yet the climate still got warm.

Myth #2: The Hockey Stick Graph

Although already disproven I would like to go over WHY it was disproven. The hockey stick graph depics a world where temperatures were very stable for around 1000 years. However, this graph totally erases the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age from history. For those of you who don’t know, the Little Ice Age was from the 13th to 19th century and was separated by small time frames of warming trends. So the question is, what happens when you get out of an Ice Age. Usually, it’s going to warm up, and guess what, it did. Also it was shown that the proxies used and the way in which the graph was made was faulty.

Myth #3: 1990s Was the Warmest Decade Ever Recorded

First off, even if this was true, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal considering that we’ve only been recording climate temperatures for a little over a century. Second, the reason for the large spike in recorded temperatures over this decade was because of the fall of the Soviet Union. Many stations that record temperatures are placed randomly all over the world to produce our “average” temperature. However at the start of the 1990s the USSR was losing its control before its eventual fall in 1991. The USSR had more things to worry about than temperature and so shut down around 15 of its recording stations, many of which being in the colder Siberian part of Russia. So for those of you who know math, what happens to an average of numbers if you take away the 10 lowest? It’s going to go up and that’s exactly what happened.

Myth #4: Global Warming is Affecting the Whole Planet

Of course we always hear about how global warming won’t just affect us but everyone else in the world. What about the Southern Hemisphere? Using the same information that the Environmentalist use the southern hemisphere has revieved about 1/10 the amount of temperature rise as the Northern Hemisphere.

Myth#5: There is a “Global Temperature”

The basis of Global Warming is that global temperatures are rising because of the burning of fossil fuels. They “prove” this by using graphs to show the rise in average global temperatures. How is it possible to take the average world temperature? It’s not. Not only are the stations we use to measure this randomly placed, but they’re also unreliable. Many factors affect the climate and most prominant among these being weather. Because weather has such a huge affect on temperatures and weather is so unpredictable it is impossible to say that there is a global average temperature.

Myth #6: The Polar Bear

Many of you are probably  familiar with the poster animal for the Environmentalist movement ( However, most experts say that this is a usual way of travel for them and nothing to worry about.

Myth #7: Global Warming is Causing Worse Storms

Many people are under the impression that Global Warming is causing worse storms. This theory was intensified after the horrific 2005 hurricane season. After the Greens all started to ramp it up on their global catastrophe scale for the 2006 season, nothing happened. In the U.S. not one hurricane made landfall. Somehow, the media must have missed the fact and didn’t mean to overlook something so obviously contradictory to what they had been preaching so vehemently before. There is no valid proof that Global Warming, and for the sake of argument saying I’m its true, causes worse storms. The only reason for this belief is probably because of a rise in damage and death caused by these storms. However, if you couple rising populations with larger coastal cities, then the storms will probably have a greater effect.

Myth #8:  There’s a Consensus on Global Warming

Who made this up? This is not a consensus and whoever says so is ignorant or gullible. There are not thousands of “climate experts” out there. In fact, there’s about 82 in the U.S. who are actually certified for this title. What happens is Al Gore and the Greens tend to bring on experts on things that will be affecting by Global Warming (assuming what they preach occurs) like an Owl Specialist. Most real experts are skeptical of Global Warming but they go unheard because of the media because normal isn’t scary, drastic changes are scary.

More to come…