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It’s Been Awhile

March 20, 2009

Hi everyboyd, that is, if anybody still reads my blog after my 2 month absence. I apologize for my lack of posting but I seemed to have gotten writer’s block. However, I’m back, and ready to blog once more. I should have some more subjects coming up very soon!


Atheists vs. Christians

January 22, 2009

That’s right, I’m talking about the “no-touchy” subject. You’re not suppose to talk about this at school, with other adults, or strangers but you can talk about it here. I’m going to go through what Christians do, what atheists do, why they do things, and my own opinion on the subject. Before I start just let me say that I am a Methodist. Here I go.

What are they?

What truly is a Christian? Well that one’s simple. It’s a person who believes in God and Jesus as his savior and follows the teachings of the bible. What is an atheist? Well that can be tricky. The simple answer would be to say someone who doesn’t believe in God. That’s true, but more specifically most “atheist” are actually Agnostic-atheist. They just use the term “atheist” as a general title. This meaning that they’ll believe in God when the proof is there for them to see. In other words, they just don’t know and think that as of now their is no proof for one to exist.

Why do they argue?

They both argue (most of the time) to “enlighten” the other person. The Christian thinks that he’ll bring another person to God and the atheist thinks he’ll stop someone from wasting precious time and effort. Both pretty noble ideals right? Then why do the arguments get so vicious? Well, it’s for a couple reasons I believe. One, both stubbornly think they’re right but neither can proof that they are. This is what makes the arguments go back and forth with no one getting anywhere. Two, when arguing about this subject the debators normally get worked up emotionally and make irrational claims and discredit their whole argument.

What do they argue?

Christians argue that God exists. Atheist (I’m talking about the general Agnostic-atheist) aren’t usually arguing that God doesn’t exists, just that they have no proof that he exists. That’s another problem with this argument. Christians generally overlook the fact of what they are actually arguing. Think about, if I’m arguing Football is better than baseball and you’re arguing apples are better than oranges we’re not really getting anywhere are we?

The Stereotypical Christian

I’m going to try and knock around some of the things the general Atheist and I don’t like about the stereotypical Christian. I probably won’t do it justice because of my bias but I’ll give it a try. One annoying thing that Christian’s will use as “proof” is “Oh! Look at how great and wonderful this world is. There’s no way this could’ve been done randomly.” I believe that, but to say that’s proof is nonsense. Christians also tend to look down upon atheists. They seem to go “Oh! You poor dears. I’ll save you and redeem you for God.” I’ll give you a hint, I’m betting the atheist don’t give a hoot. Stop acting like you’re better than them, Christians, because if you truly believe in God you know that he made us all equal and that he loves us all the same in his eyes. Acting like you’re superior than him is NOT okay.

The Stereotypical Atheist

This I can probably do a little better. Let me first say right off that I’m talking what I generally see, I’m sure there are plenty of exceptions. The first and foremost thing that annoys me is that Atheists always try to act like they know the Bible better than a Christian does. Some grew up Christians so they have a legitimate claim here, but most do not, and it annoys the heck out of me. What they’ll do is say “Oh! What about the Bible which says (insert bible passage here). It says blah blah blah is good. That’s crazy!” The passage/verse will be out of context and be warped to something it didn’t say. Second annoying argument from atheist is “What about evolution? I thought God made all the animals a couple thousand years ago?” Evolution does not disprove God. There are a million possibilities for how things were meant in Genesis and I’m not going to go through him here.

How can this end?

Arguing is perfectly fine. If you want to argue this (lke me) then you’re happy to go at anytime. However, some people dislike all the argumentation and competition between the two groups. If you don’t want to argue it anymore, it’s simple, just stop. Why can’t either side learn that no matter what they argue with, no matter what they say, no matter what evidence they have, you’re not going to get anywhere. That’s what happens when you try to prove the unprovable.